No Trichomoniasis – A Matter Of Sexual Education

Trichomoniasis is a quite popular infection, which can be spread relatively quickly, and it can affect about 30% of the women who are active from the sexual point of view and 25% of men in this category. It is an infection, which can affect only genital and urinary areas. They are the urethra in the case of men, and the urethra and the vagina in the case of women.

The infection is caused by a microorganism, actually by a microscopic parasite called Trichomonas Vaginalis. This microorganism is transmitted through vaginal sex, of course if it is not protected and it can be spread through sexual toys, which are used by more persons. It is not transmitted via oral sex but it does not mean that you must not protect yourself if this is what you want.

To continue with, you must take into consideration another aspect as well. As it has been proved that the parasite can survive sometime in the outer environment too, the infection can be triggered by contact with infected underwear. Girls must be careful when they try on the knickers of a girl friend’s swimming suit! You should avoid towels used by more persons, who may be infected, especially in order to dry up your genital area. Actually, it is easier to prevent than to treat… There is the risk to transmit the infection from the mother to the baby if it is a girl.

Furthermore, in the case of men, this disease does not develop symptoms most of the times. That is why it can be hardly detected, which leads to the possibility of constantly contracting the infection.

Tricomonas Vaginalis is a parasite; it is not a microbe or a virus and it does not resist too much time outside the human body. It only resists there for one to two hours, therefore there are little chances to contract the infection from toilet seats or from common bathrooms in hostels. Actually, most of the people are careful in these cases.

The parasite prefers the vagina environment because it is wet. Some women have between menstruations abundant secretions and present greater risk for tricomonas infection. Besides, there are other microbes inside the vagina, which usually live there.

Furthermore, during an intercourse insignificant traumatisms may occur. They are no more than small lesions, which you do not see or feel. You must not perform local washing using medicines, which have good cleaning properties, recommended by your friends. In the case of men, inside the urethra tricomonas does not have conditions to develop, but it can live there as well.

To continue with, you will have now a separate picture of the disease, in the case of women and men. Thus, the disease can emerge in the case of young women especially at the beginning of their sexual life. Then, an abundant secretion can be visible as its color is white or greenish and its smell is quite unpleasant. Besides, you can have slight burning or smarting pain and itching feeling apart from the emergence of red areas between your legs. You can feel pain while having sex; therefore, you prefer to avoid it. Apart from these signs, it sometimes can emerge a complication called inguinal adenopathy.

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